"emo"-ji glossary

posted on March 11, 2014

emo band “emo”-ji! use them to explain your favorite bands to millennials.

also, help me expand this glossary by tweeting me what you come up with!

1. image

2. image

3. image

4. image

5. image

6. image

7. image

8. image

9. image

1. sunny day real estate
2. hot water music
3. death cab for cutie
4. american football
5. bright eyes
6. alkaline trio
7. knapsack
8. cap n jazz
9. minus the bear


hxc for girls: a playlist that boys think girls like

posted on March 05, 2014

this playlist is for the girls who hung around the not-to-be-forgotten hxc scene of the early 00’s. at one point or another, a boy probably mansplained to you, “xx track on this album is the one that the girls like”, with xx track referring to the album’s one melodic interlude - slower, softer, often with acoustic guitar, often with vocals sung rather than screamed.

basically the non-hardcore track on a hardcore album. the interlude.

lol. thanks, boys!


01 gorgeous // eighteen visions
02 shevanel take 2 // between the buried and me
03 red shift // hopesfall
04 i still dream (pt 1) // falling cycle
05 absence of purpose in the succession of events // evergreen terrace
06 doraematu // dead to fall
07 the opinionated are so opinionated // poison the well
08 until the day breathes and the shadows flee // 7 angels 7 plagues
09 segue 1 / until your heart stops // cave in
10 tyrant meets his maker // fear before the march of flames
11 the fiction we live // from autumn to ashes
12 blue // remembering never
13 some will seek forgiveness, others escape // underoath

listen to ‘hxc for girls’ on spotify >


the meaning of “the way his collar falls” by saves the day

posted on January 29, 2014

remember when ups & downs came out? it was like a little glimmer of light in every teen fan’s fear of saves the day’s irrevocable maturation from can’t slow down. 

one treat was the inclusion of “the way his collar falls”, a track previously available only on vinyl and otherwise unbeknownst to me. lyrically, it made me think of “handsome boy” - with chris singing longingly but vaguely about a dude:

Leif and I are on the train to New York, car 1399.
There’s a guy with a quarter in his ear and I’ve seen Leif only once in the past two months.
His hair is sticking up a little in the front. He’s losing it just a bit.
When I get home tonight I’ll miss him in Hampshire.
His glasses.
the way he writes in purple pen.
the way his collar falls to the left.
Have you seen his ankles lately?
I know he’s next to me.
I feel his sweater here, but when I’m sleeping it’s only green sheets and the hair down my legs.
I think I’ll write to Leif, when I’m near Tuesday, sometime before you go and I’m back on the train.

("the way his collar falls" - saves the day)

chris rarely seems to discuss his personal life so it’s hard not to read into these lyrics for a greater glimpse into what one of my biggest musical inspirations is all about. 

here’s my favorite answer, via songmeanings.com:



watch saves the day play a full set from 1999 (can’t slow down era!)

posted on January 27, 2014

can’t slow down was the defining album of my teen angst years and saves the day has remained one of my highest-in-rotation bands since i first discovered them in ‘99. i never got the chance to see saves the day play when it mattered so i’m cherishing this 1999 full set concert bootleg real hard. they play nearly all the songs from can’t slow down (though not my two favorites - “obsolete” and “jodie” - oh well, i ain’t complainin’!)

please take note of the wonderful band choreography sprinkled throughout. despite the depressive themes in their music, a teenage chris conley had the most heartwarming stage presence. 

the setlist:
1. the choke
2. sometimes new jersey
3. seeing it this way
4. deciding
5. handsome boy
6. blindfolded
7. the vast spoils of america
8. nebraska bricks
9. shoulder to the wheel
10. houses and billboards
11. always ten feet tall

watch the show:

fyi - this video was uploaded by youtube user livecoretv; i strongly recommend checking out the rest of his channel. if you like late-90’s emo and hardcore bootlegs then this is a total fucking goldmine…with shockingly low view counts. 


crush wall: chad gilbert

posted on January 22, 2014

if there’s anything i can’t resist, it’s guys who cut their teeth musically in the hardcore scene. 

although…i think i feel resentful when dudes graduate from hardcore and are all, “it was a high school phase.” and then they go on to pursue indie. or alt-country? or…in some cases…electronic ::insert wailing emoji::

that’s not to say i don’t support artistic growth. i just…wish all hardcore boys could stay hardcore. lol. 

anyway, chad gilbert is the real fuckin’ deal: he started out as vocalist for shai hulud when he was 14

[watch the 1996 bootleg from where this gif was possible]

and, merely two years later, he became the still standing guitarist for a new found glory.

(fyi- that’s two legendary bands that are still widely adored nearly 20 years later)

despite carving most of his career in pop punk, he never really abandoned hardcore. he can rock both argyle and jerseys and totally gives a nod to his hardcore upbringing in his new 50’s inspired pop punk band:

she said there’s not even a melody to this song
i said it’s fun at the show when you scream along
she said it’s not music
she said it makes her sick
i said oh no this is where i came from
("thinkin’ bout her" - what’s eating gilbert)

aaaaaand…he’s still handsome as hell.


i guess i should mention that he’s got a girlfriend but that’s also something kind of wonderful. and #psa, i’m modelling my future husband after chad gilbert.


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